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Pro Testimonials? Answered

Ok, I got to thinking, the pro accounts seem to be moving along nicely, it would seem plenty of people are taking the plunge, with a tiny percentage of out raged users. On the 'sway over to pro' page where it lists prices, I suggest adding a series of testimonials, e.g. If someone was looking through one of my punk weapons, and hit the 'pro wall of denial' only to see my Testimonial, they might then think 'hey, maybe i should try it for a month'. Same principle, someone whom uses the forums alot, might enjoy a little testimonial from Kiteman, or Nachomahma. Not that we should play off are 'famousness' but if we get a wide range of testimonials, it might easily appeal to a wide range of people. - gmj



I am a Computer Science student and I will help this site after I graduate...

i think there should be a free week-long trial and if they like it,they will go pro(obviosly tthere would be some sort of opperation so they could not do it more than once.)

I'm running out of patches and would love to send more to encourage others. I would buy more in groups of 10 or 5......?

Not too badly.   We finally found the right pain killer combo,  now I am just waiting on the Doctor appointment to give me the go on either therapy or an operation.  A MONTH I had to wait for this decision......it's crazy.

<h4><small><tt>Wow! that's the pits Goodhart!:0( I waited 8 months for an MRI only to find out I had a cyst in my brain. Then another year for a follow up and 5 months later to get into the neurologist.'s office. "Yes, you have an aracnoid cyst he says-you were born with it , you will die with it." And th...was that! Conclusion? Get a brilliant Instructables member to fix you up and you won't have to wait so long (sigh) {{{}}}</tt></small></h4>

We finally got therapy for the problem and I am back up and running (well, walking anyways) again :-) 

I still think this is a great idea...

Personally, when I see a testimonial or a review on the website it's praising, I'm tempted not to believe it. It takes multiple ones on a third party site. I'd say giving an option to pay for just one month at a time would sway more people over to pro. At first I wasn't going to go for it, because it seemed too pricey to me for what you're getting. But I figured that I use it a lot and for a whole year $24 is not bad.

What reputable sites are there that post reviews for other websites?

Is it possible to post unsolicited reviews or testimonials to them?

Brilliant - <a href="http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.instructables.com">done</a>.<br />


8 years ago

I have a few reasons for going "pro." I had taken a sabbatical from Instructables and making projects for a while. When i returned there was the opportunity to support the community and i didn't hesitate. Here's why... I have benefited from the site. I can definitely say that publishing my projects here gets them more visibility than publishing them on my own site. I've had projects published, traveled, and been paid for my contributions so it only seems right to kick some of the goodwill back. Besides, i have scored a number of instructables t-shirts - enough that i probably should pay for a few years without thinking there is an imbalance. I really like supporting small business. I feel like it is increasingly important to support small ventures. The big companies get their bailouts and small operations are getting nothing. I'm stepping up and supporting my locally owned video store, flower shop, clothing stores and local craftsmen. And i'll also support small online ventures like this one.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are you married ;0) ? What a guy. Where were you when I was in my 20's? lol-wait! I'm already married to a wonderful man and have been for 30 years. Ahhh zeik... what a guy :0) ;0) Talking of T shirts, I don't have the know -how to post instructables, but a venue to buy one-in a straight forward manner say as an add on purchase when going pro would have been perfect for me. Also I would love an opportunity to have the logo on the back insteas of the front.

Back on subject:
Beneath the sign-up price list, you'd have a "These people thought Pro membership worthwhile, click on them to find out why"
Below is a randomised list of users with pre-approved testimonials - the linking goes through to their profile, which displays the testimonial as a https://www.instructables.com/user?show=TESTIMONIAL


I just decided to go pro.... Having only discovered the site a month ago it's given me hours of time wasting/entertainment since at work since then, and I published my first two instructables this week with a few more (much better ones) written or at least jotted down ready to go once I get my camera in the next couple of weeks. For the management's benefit.... the thing that made me buy pro were.... 1) the thought of my demo of pro features running out. Being able to see all steps is fantastic. Being able to download as a pdf is fantastic. I think you should give each new member a free trial of this, even if for only two weeks. I don't think I'd have realised how good it is had I not got to try it first. 2) the thought that while $2 dollars a months sounds quite a bit..... £1.20 really does not. That's not even half a pint of ale. Pfffff. That's nothing. 3) pro forums. Yes. They enticed me. Having some other sections to make non-'pro' users tempted might further add to this draw. Having given my two cents, can has name change please? I posted in the correct thread *cheeky grin*. And please change from pro to something less elitist!

It's peanuts really. Stuff costs, if you value it: pay for it. Got any thought on what to do with your patches? L

Trying to think of a cool mini-comp to use them for. Was thinking of making a series of ibles to teach basic electronics, so I might set some themes and see if people are interested in helping out. There are loads of impressive ibles about advanced very cool things, but nothing inbetween for people who are interested but not yet able. Perhaps one on using a multimeter, one on astables and monostables, one on a selection of ICs, one on debugging circuits. Those just off the top of my head, there are loads of questions in the answers section about more basic stuff and while they get an answer, it'd be better if they had something more detailed to read.

Got your name change I see. I still have a multimeter to build when I've got other stuff out of the way...


We had to build voltmeters and current meters in second year labs. Can scan and send you the instructions if you like if I can find them.

It would be useful, at the moment I'm looking at the insides of a cheap but dead Tandy multimeter (yes it's that old)


There are a few 555 timer ibles out there. One of them, a simple tester for the 555, that also teaches the basics of the use of the 555.

Sorry... this might not be the right place for that. Mods feel free to move it to the right thread if so.

Thats cool, its good to see that someone who has found the site recently has chosen to go pro, shows it has longevity. I will keep an eye to mention about the name to the staff, it has been discussed i think.

Yeah, they know our gripes with it. Seeing as schoochamaroo was trying to get a logo for a topic about pro accounts she's making, I doubt they plan on changing it soon.

Dear Instructables forum, I never believed those stories were true until I went "pro". Ever since then the sky has been bluer, the air cleaner, the beer flows like wine, the wine like water, and the water flows uphill.

Awesome idea.

Well, if you like the idea! Get a topic up, asking people only to place comments as a serious testimonial. Make it definitive etc..

I would be happy to write one if you wanted me to :)

Several times I have written up testimonials on Instructables before the subscriber accounts, but they went largely uncommented on, either because they got lost in the shuffle, or appeared to be mushy even though completely true in my case. *shrug* I am not sure what I could add to them.

What kind of thing would we say? "Cheaper than a happy Meal"?

'I've been using Instructables for several years now, the extra features of a pro account are great for any user, and you will find at least one feature that makes it worth it! Personally, I chose pro as a way of giving something back for the years of service i have had, and the years yet to come. Instructables is a great site to give your projects big internet presence, via google searches, and some of the large blogs.' - gmjhowe, Prop Maker