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Pro accounts? Answered

I am confused about pro accounts! Do i just have to do simple things like post on a forum ect? or do i have to pay?


new bie guys..


9 years ago

this is actually too bad we had years of free access and than BOOM pro pops up and steals out allsteps Bah humbug to pro

Have you read Eric's various topics and posts about why he was forced into staring the pro system?

Fine ill concede.....but im boycotting until they put allsteps back! As soon as thats free ill go pro. (to answer your question, im doing this for the people who CANT afford pro accounts)

id agree to that but... my mom said that she would pay for 2 years soz yea

believe it or not SOME people cant afford pro accounts....ill be damned if everyone here can.......excuse the french or concrete HA HA HA

There are actually far more people who can't access the pro accounts, rather than can't afford them.

Teens without bank accounts, members from countries without PayPal etc.

The vast majority of people who can afford access to the internet can also afford $2 a month on something they love.

In the UK, $2 will buy you:

  • One third of the pages in a monthly magazine.
  • Half a beer.
  • Four and a half cigarettes.
  • One bar of chocolate.
  • One litre of petrol.
  • One day's broadband access.
  • An hour in a car park.

How many of those do you treat yourself to in a month? How many of those would harm your life if you missed them just once a month?

On an hourly rate, it costs me less to be a member of Instructables than it does to light my living room.

I wouldnt give up the broadband access!!! lol if i knew it was $2 I wouldnt have started this BS! lol im gonna get a pro account (HOW?) after i stock up my paypal.

"If I knew it was $2"

So you didn't actually look at the "Go Pro" page before you complained? Interesting approach...

Scheibe! I just saw the pro accounts on the home page! Thanks!

Twas a pun based off the atrocious spelling in the post above it. ;)

Yeek! only one liter? that sucks. Hey, THAT'S $7.58 A US GALLON!!! why are gas prices so high there?!?!

Wow. that's a lot of tax. You're really getting ripped off up there.

If you're not being cynical: fuel duty has proven an effective tool for reducing fuel consumption and dependence in Europe. Getting 50mpg (British Imperial) isn't that hard with a new car. People who are getting less than 20mpg feel it in their wallets... In real terms (depending upon the price of oil) European drivers can be spending the same amount of money on fuel but using a lot less than US drivers. That is a stated point of fuel duty. L

no cynicism. I forogt that due to higher (numerically) standards of emissions in europe, more vehicles have a high MPG. A particular model of VW is only sold in europe due to emissions, but it gets 50 MPG.

Wizardry! How did you get a sterling symbol in your comment? Every time I try to do that it breaks the site... £££

Hm, I assumed that since the £ sign was breaking the "preview" function that it wouldn't behave properly in comments. I never post without previewing, so that's why I assumed is was broken. That, and the A-tilde thing that used to happen. Maybe I should change my name to £ like Prince :)

That doesn't surprise me, the most efficient small cars have high-pressure diesel engines, which use tiny amounts of fuel but kick out more soot than petrol. I find it deeply ironic that my brother's car which gets 60mpg wouldn't be allowed in California because of its emissions, when Californians drive V8 petrol cars :( but I guess the regulations are for local pollution, to reduce smog etc.

Not really, in the USA we pay around $2-$3 per gallon of gasoline

"Up" where? While it's true that the latitude difference between Britain and Texas puts the former north of you, I think the eastward longitude difference is much more significant.

The Europeans have applied "user taxes" to fuel to help actually pay for roads and transport for decades. It's the bizarre view of Americans that they should get all these benefits for free (oh, sorry, only the rich should get them for free, the poor are lazy freeloaders who don't deserve any benefits at all) that has kept fuel prices artifically suppressed here.

excuse me?! It isn't free for anyone if it is payed for by taxes. And how does being poor make you a lazy freeloader?? You have a twisted set of morals that I think you need to reevaluate.
"Up" is a relative term that most USA citizens use when referring to the UK. The UK is north of most of the USA and adding the east bit is unnecessary. Everybody knows the UK is east of the entire USA so we don't add it.

Now I know that being a physicist, a lot of things bother you. Especially movies. That has got to irritate the heck out of you. But for those of us uninformed, please inform us in a nice manner rather than with an attitude like we should have already known whatever it is.

seem to have a knack for not recognizing sarcasm/jokes. : ). I guess you haven't
heard some of the awful and offensive diatribes floating around the Republican/Conservative talk-radio circuit. If that's the case, you're a very lucky person.

I have honestly never, not once, heard someone refer to the UK as "up" from the U.S. I've heard Canada referred to that way frequently. Perhaps the "we" you're talking about are Texans, rather than "most USA citizens"?

Thank you :-) It certainly doesn't "hurt anyone," but it does confuse people.

I was deeply, deeply hurt emotionally by your use of the word "up". Extremely so.

only the "technicality" people.....im that way.....

Is there a problem with me saying I feel your pain on gas prices or something? I'll just end the conversation here.

>>Is there a problem with me saying I feel your pain on gas prices or something? Of course not; but don't state authoritatively that someone's getting ripped off if you have no idea, and then tell others to shush when they point out your statement was inaccurate.

i got a 2 year now so..... yeah