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Pro feature suggestion Answered

I'm fairly sure somebody else has mentioned this, but I don't remember what the response was: It would be nice if there was an "logged in now" indicator, such as people's usernames being underlined, that was only visible to pro members. Or maybe there could be a page that simply lists all those logged in as you look. Just a thought.


Had an idea for a Pro Account feature. Make it so folks w/ Pro accounts can suggest Ibles to the staff that should be featured. Pro account members wouldn't be able to make the Ible featured and they wouldn't be able to suggest their own, but they could point the staff towards Ibles they felt were worthy of being featured.

The Feature Team is already mainly made up of "normal" members of the site (many of whom have turned pro, and all at their own expense). There's nothing stopping any member PMing a member of the FT to highlight a project, but they all get looked at anyway.

Maybe we need a certifiable list of feature team for suggestion, though I think there was a topic and group before...

Either way I think people will often ask questions about such things...

I am totally for suggestions, but I  think what Eric has been communicating to us it that he needs code not ideas... >shrug<

I meant 'for suggestion' as in so people could suggest featurable 'ibles if they feel that one's been overlooked, though it might open lines for 'feature meeeeeeeee' messages...

There'd be no code to implement, just a topic and making common knowledge, eh, commoner...

Ohh, misread that, sorry, I see what you mean.

Hmm, I feel awful saying it because it excludes a lot of perfectly valid (and frankly much better than me) users, but perhaps a pro topic for that would work for a trial run, and then if it seems to work we could give it a trial here with stern warnings not to spam your own ibles.

That would be a very benifical idea, what im trying to say is, if you wanted a quick responce from some one you could see who's online that you know and comment on the work or pm them. of course the "see who's on line" menu will have to have a search as there is alot of members, like 10,000 inc pro and non-pro correct me if im wrong<br />Or instructables could make it only accesable to pro members<br /><br />Oscar<br />

So... you are saying you want PM chat?

No, I don't "do" chat (ask Lira - it confuses me).

What I mean is that (personally) it would be useful to know when others were online so that we knew where to go to for a quick response (I imagine a finger-in-the-dyke situation, where feedback is needed right now from somebody I know to be good with earthworks).

I guess the more sociable types might use it for live chat, but then that could also be presented as another feature that could entice people to turn pro.

Not even IM, with just another person?

It can be handy at times...

Um, a pm chat would probably be one on one as it were. But I know what you mean....

Huh, 1-on-1 confuses me, what with comments overlapping and what-not.

Seriously, ask Lira, she'll tell you.

Oh ok. Sorry. I know it isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.....I've been doing it so long I have adjusted to it, but I know it was very difficult when I first started at the ChatPlanet in the '90's.

My wife has difficulties with it too, especially if more than one person is in the same room (which is why she likes the exclusiveness of Facebook chat; one other person per window).

Mainly, I'm hunting for features that could be realistically fulfilled, whilst acting as an incentive to turn pro.

I think it just gives you a sense of connectivity simply knowing who is online as you type, at the exact same time as you. Might want an invisibility mode so it didn't turn into PM chat if you didn't want it to...

That's the kind of thing.

On the BBC messageboards, online members are marked with a pair of asterisks, so you know if you're likely to get a rapid response or come back later.

Since we have a touch more class here (the Beeb has bad moderation), I imagine that online members' names would aappear in bold, or an italic font.

Or maybe there would be a colour-change in the pro logo next to their name? Grey or dull-red for offline, the current bright orange for online.

You're online the same time as me! (apparently)

I'd quite like to see some advanced filtering options in my settings tab, like the ability to filter out categories from view. Also more instructibles per page would be really nice, so when I'm browsing new stuff I don't have to click and wait so often. :D

Maybe just use this for those you're subscribed to or those that are subscribed to you? I don't need to know everyone that's online, only a special few. 1337. :D

it would also be awesome to see a list of who has selected your instructable(s) as a 'favorite'.

well, things will smooth out soon enough we hope :-)


8 years ago

Hmmm... nice. And handy for help. Yes, I like it too. not that that counts for much, but still...

I like this plan. Rated 5/5 to show my approval.

Good idea, could have a little table showing weather the people you subscribed to are online

Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!