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Pro membership, but asks me to login when I try to download Answered

I'm trying to download "Streaming Data Visualization : Plotly + Raspberry Pi".  When I select it, a login screen appears, but repeatedly returns to the login screen after I feel in the fields.


I believe this may be my same issue. I cannot download PDF's and I am always asked to log on. Please help!

Trouble staying logged in? That sometimes happens when you have an old cookie from the last time you logged in, or having a browser add-on that stops the page from loading completely. You can try

Disabling any script blocking add-ons to your browser, like Ad-Block, GreaseMonkey, or LastPass
Making sure you have cookies enabled for your browser
Clearing your browser's cache

After, refresh Instructables.com and try logging in again

However, we're also having trouble with downloading some PDF's. Please see this post:


Ok, I fiddled with it. Let me know if you can get it to work now.