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Pro membership discount codes out of date? Answered

Hey guys, thanks for the Pro months!! I'm interested in checking out a few of the sites with discount codes, but it looks like a few of them include "13" and expired in 2013. Can we still use those, or should there be a new code? (I think one of them was for Lumi.)



why can't the "instructables company" fix the out of date discounts?

I too was thinking the same. As far as I know, once it has expired, you have to get a new pro membership in order to receive a new discount code. :-/

Hmmm... well, I just got my Pro membership a few days ago, and some of the discount codes are still from 2013. So, it seems that getting a new membership won't update the codes. I think we need someone from Instructables to update them.

I don't have any urgent needs, but it'd be nice :)


4 years ago

I was slightly disappointed when I became a pro only to find out that the lion brand yarn was out of date.