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Pro membership question? Answered

Hi. I currently have pro mambership but it will run out in July. Someone else is going to be buying me a pro membership in a couple of days. Will the one he is buying me automatically take over or do I have to activate it manually when my current one runs out. Also does my autorenew setting have anything to do with it. If I have to activate it manually when mine runs out is there any way of making sure it is legit before I activate it. Any explanation would be apreciated.




Best Answer 6 years ago

Your pro membership currently has it's subscription turned off. When it runs out, your account will revert to a free membership. If someone purchases a pro-membership for you at any time, when your current one runs out, that one will take over.

If you have any troubles, you can email service@instructables.com and they can assist you.


6 years ago

You can manually activate pro whenever you want.