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Pro membership switching back to regular membership (old account)? Answered

My recent Instructable (Shameless Plug) was featured, and apparently now they give out free 3 month Pro Memberships. Pretty spiffy.

However, I've got an old account (meaning I can view all steps on one page, PDF stuff, and etc.) and was wondering if I accept this 3 month "trial", and then switch decide to switch back to basic membership. Will my benefits of having an older account disappear?



Best Answer 8 years ago

This is a bug/feature with instructables that allows old members that were members before pro memberships were announced to keep the pro only features until they changed something on there "You" page. It happened to me. I just went pro to support the site. Sorry if that isn't formatted very well. I had it posted better, but when I hit "add comment" it didn't post. So, anyway I am 99% sure that when your 3 month trial expired, you would go back to a normal nonpaying member, with normal nonpaying features.

So, you could do one of two things. Thing 1 is you could hold a contest and give away the membership. Thing 2 is you could buy another pro membership and support the site. Your call!


Answer 8 years ago

I'll wait and see how the contest turns out. If I don't get anything I'll give it away to a friend who signed up later. Thanks!


8 years ago

That is a terrific question.  But I don't have the answer.  Perhaps an email to the administration would get you one.

Congratulations on you cautious nature.