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Pro suggestion: Priority Instructable/etc reviewing Answered

A suggestion from me - where an instructable contravenes the secret submission guidelines (the ones that include words like 'guns' 'alcohol' 'set fire to' etc where the 'ible needs to be reviewed  should be pushed to the top of the pile.

Assuming others think that's fair?


You mean that the published date should be updated to the released date?


I think he might mean "review the pros before you review the plebs".

I could not oppose that any more. It is not possible.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

We're paying for features - let our projects stand on their merits. No special treatment for our projects! The minute that changes, the instant you can pay for advantages for your projects, I really *will* go back to wikihow. Not even kidding.

Calm down, it's only a suggestion - the author got tangled in the filters recently.

I'm perfectly calm. :P

I'm just saying - whatever the actual change, once the line from pro providing more features to actually affecting our projects is crossed, for me it's over.

I wonder how big the pile is? I'm guessing it's not really but it's a job someone does periodically, rather than every day for half the day?


I'd guess only a few minutes per day.  The difference of position in a pile wouldn't even be noticeable.

But being published a day or two after the datestamp drops them in further down the Recent "pile". It would help to have them released onto the top.


Why are the guidelines secret anyways?

If you knew what the guidelines were then you could find ways around them. If you don't know what they are it's a lot harder to write around them.