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Problem With Comments Answered

Hey, quick question. I've noticed today a problem with my comment notifications. Usually your profile page lets you see comments people have made replying to you or on your forum topic. But just today I've noticed once that it showed their being a new comment on one of my forum topics but I couldn't find the comment. Twice someone replied to me (hitting the reply button) but it didn't show up in my discussions tab.

Does anybody know why it's malfunctioning, and/or how it can be fixed?



1 year ago

I published an instructable about eight days ago. It now has over 1700 views and 22 favorites, but not a single comment. Is that typical or am I doing something wrong?

That should be normal. I have an Instructable that has 5K views with 0 comments, and an Instructable with 1K views and 10 comments.

Hope this helps! :)

The listing in your profile (i.e., the .../you/ page) lags behind the actual comment postings, sometimes by several minutes. The reason is that the profile data is maintained on a cache server, and updated site-wide by a batch job.

On a side note, the list of your comments, which other users see in your .../member/<username> page, only includes comments on I'bles. None of your forum comments or Answers show up there. Several of us call this a bug :-(

My replies to comments are invisible unless I log in. Why? Its on one of my instructables btw.

They are caught in the filters, and require a human being to review them. Instructables is based in San Francisco, CA, and the Staff work from about 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

.  The comments may have been deleted, by the user(s) that posted them, after the notifications were sent.
.  The comments may be held up in the filters.

Well, that would explain why the one that was supposedly the most recent post on my forum topic wasn't there.

But do you have any idea why someone would reply to my comment and it wouldn't show up on my profile page, but when I went to the forum topic or Oarngeboard and it was there?

Oh well... thanks for giving it a shot =)

"The comments may be held up in the filters." Ironically, my very own reply is currently stuck...