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Problem: can't erase on whiteboard Answered

I recently decided I needed a bigger whiteboard and so, in true instructable style, made one out of a fridge door. Unfortunately the fridge door had some stickers on it and I removed them with orange oil and some other cleaners. Now when written on, the whiteboard marker will not erase. Instead it smudges and cannot be removed even with water. What can I do to make my whiteboard usable agian? I've heard car wax can be good, should I try this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Oh and I forgot Smaller pens seem to dry easier so if you use one with a thicker tip it will last longer and you'll still be able to wipe it off.

A simple trick I use for the whiteboard is to take a Dry Erase marker and just re-apply the marker over existing lines. Then simply wipe off. This works almost every time. The reason is the chemical used gets dry and by re-applying your adding the chemical back to the board. BE VERY CAREFUL I have killed a few boards using cleaners that are abrasive and destroy the finish on the board. Hope this helps.

Use a household cleaning spray (spray and wipe, orange power, etc) or Methelayted Spirits

I clean my whiteboard at school with cheap baby-wipes. I scrub the board with the wipe in my right hand, and follow along immediately behind the wipe with a paper towel in my left (the solvent from the wipe evaporate very quickly, which just leaves the dirt behind). If that doesn't work, try nail varnish remover. I wouldn't use any sort of wax at all (wax is, essentially, a solid oil, and that's what started this mess in the first place).

ooo acetone, that would probably work....maybe too well ;-)

Sounds like the orange cleaner left a residue of some sort... i would suggest sanding that area with a fine grit, and then cleaning it with alcohol.


10 years ago

Meths or other light alcohol would work (but would smell funny). If you feel like a bit of lateral thinking, remember a great solvent for dissolving whiteboard marker is.. whiteboard marker. Try scribbling over a smudged patch and immediately wiping with a dry paper towel. Otherwise, alcohol wipes, a quick squirt of non-anti-perspirant deoderant, gin....

Cillit bang! I couldn't help that, we got a white board from ikea that was really bad for erasing, a little alcohol seems to do the job, even a wee squirt of deodorant will work, not antiperspirant though, that also removes permanent marker from most objects...

If you can lay the door down, a vinegar soaked rag lain on the stickers for a few hours might remove them.

If not, there is a wonderful little remover out there (you can even get lemon scent :-) called Goo-B-Gone that works very well. We use it at work, on cartridge labels that have been on way too long (we don't use permanent labels but they tend to become that after a year or so)

It is a bit pricey but it does work if you follow directions.
( I swear that I am in NO WAY connected to nor affiliated with Goo-B-Gone ;-)


10 years ago

Try white spirit (turps / turpentine) Methylated spirit (I think it's called de-natured alcohol in America).... that should work. ;-)

Even rubbing alcohol might do it...

id start with rubbing alcohol. another good idea is 'chomp' citrus cleaner. its also very effective.