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Problem with Carriage return - spaces in the text box Answered

Using Windows 7, Pro-membership. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I can't get a space between paragraphs in the text box. If I press the source button it works, then as soon as I save it removes all the spaces between paragraphs. Pressing enter between existing text does not generate a carriage return and space either. What's going on? How do I get around this? Is it related to Pro membership features? Thanks for your help.


it has something to do with Internet explorer. I got around this by using Google Chrome or Mac safari to access the instructables web page. Another way that I got around it was to type the text into a word document and then cut and paste it into Instructables.

I tried using a word document, but it still does not work, I am using firefox, I will try google chrome to see if that works.

I have the same problem, for my first instructable, I cannot put spaces between the paragraphs

Try using another browser.

Right thanks, that worked but inconvenient :-)

HE HE! that's right! But people using computers are quite adaptable. We get used to (weird) UI changes in FB pretty fast. I also have problem using the image upload of ible in firefox. So I upload the images through IE and do the text through firefox. I also have chrome to work with if something is not working on those too ;).

I don't have an answer, I have the same problem. I have resorted to typing in word and then copy and pasting it into instructables. It is very frustrating. I don't want the hassle of switching browsers to be able to post here.

Hi Artlife,
below is the message I got from Instructables tech support, so a fix is in the works, hopefully it will be patched next week. If not email them and let them know what system and browser is giving you trouble.

Hey Simon,

We test our site out across all major browsers, but it looks like we're having a bit of trouble with IE. Luckily we are a few days out from a big update which will hopefully fix how this works across all browsers. That said, IE10 is the newest version and we're still testing out with IE9, which may contribute to the problem.

If this problem continues next week after our release can you please email me again describing any problems you are experiencing with as much detail as possible and we'll see if we can reproduce them on our end and fix them. Your reluctance to switch browsers is understandable, as I don't like moving browsers either, but Firefox seems to be the most stable at the moment. Maybe that helps in the meantime.


Well I have emailed Instructables support and asked them to look into it, so it may get resolved. I agree with you, I don't want switch browsers just so I can post on a website that is not working completely right and I want to give them time to try fix it first.