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Problem with detection of AT89S52 home made programmer with Windows 7 with DB25 parallel port...!! Answered

PLZ HELP ME..!! this is AT89S52 programmer as per http://www.ikalogic.com/in-system-programming-isp-for-atmel-chips/  but PC ISP or proload software doesn't detect it.. is there any electrical problem or driver problem of Win 7 like no parallel port driver... (here i not connected 74LS04 betwwen port and mcu.)


What was the original .exe file written for ?

Like I said in answers to your previous questions, why mess around ? Just use P89V51 series parts and program directly with the serial port !


Mine doesn't matter, WHAT DID THE ORIGINAL PROGRAM RUN ON ?????

The one you download from http://www.ikalogic.com/in-system-programming-isp-for-atmel-chips/
Is it FOR Win7, XP or 98 ?

i used various softwares like ISP programmer, proload4.1, atmel isp etc.. but mostly doesnt works due to Win7 and the program crashes...

yes i will use Xp after few days... but the ISP at ikalogic.com is really works without using buffer i.e.74LS08 for 1 to 1.5 feets from parallel port???


plz watch the link