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Problem with posting pictures in messages/replys from library? Answered

Hullo chaps... I'm having a problem when posting images in replts to I'bles... usually if I see a REALLY awesome I'ble I attach a 'high five' image... but I would say over the past week I have been unable to do so...

I go to 'attach image', then 'choose from library' and well... nothing comes up... here let me try and get a screen shot

okay... see how the dialogue box isn't coming up? I thought It was just my PC... but it's the same on my laptop...

Any ideas anyone? I want to give out my high fives but i cant :(


me to. when i click "add images" it just keeps loading. but i think its coz you have to upgrage flash player.


7 years ago

Just me then? hehe

. Nope. I'm having the same problem. But I'm also having a problem getting my comments to "take" on this topic.

testing... If this appears, mine are working

It seems Nacho was able to get it up. My previous replies disappeared somewhere.

It must be this thread... as everyone seemed to be ok posting on my dinosaur one....

Nope. Isn't working for me either, and I'm not on your dinosaur thread.

well lets hope it's in the next bug fix

Hmmm... I'm so glad it not just me! Thanks for posting...

I just hope it will be sorted soon as I STILL can't post images :) hopefully it will sort itself out soon

The bug is back. The comment disappears if you attach an image in both commenting in forum topics or ibles. It previews fine though with the rich and poor editor.


7 years ago

It's STILL not working... you know this all started when that silly tick box to post to Facebook appeared... you know the one you have to un-click so your friends on Faceache don't get spammed with your Instructables comments

(but that is a different gripe for a different time..)