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Problems Changing Account Email Answered

So I am changing my email and I found the place to change it under edit profile, but I no longer receive the weekly email of featured Instructables and contests, which sucks because it is one of the few emails I look forward to getting. Is there somewhere to resubscribe to it or something? I have double and triple checked and my account now has my new, correct email listed. Thanks,


At the bottom of this (and every page) is a section to Join Our Newsletter,​ you can enter your email in there. If you haven't received a newsletter in a week (we issue them twice a week) then please email service@instructables.com 

I recently changed email addresses and updated it on the site. I am still receiving emails at the old address and not the new address. How can I fix this? I have looked around and can't find any place to change where my alerts and weekly updates go.
Thanks so much!!

Please see my comment above. You can also change your email information in your YOU Page under Email Alerts