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Problems entering a contest Answered


I have noticed some time ago that when I enter an Instructable into a contest it doesn't work the first time and the instructable isn't listed as an entry even after a few days. I always had to re-enter and then it worked. Now it just doesn't work and that's it. I've entered my latest instructable three times between yesterday and today and nothing. I tried the fourth time now but I wanted to mention this already because there seems to be a problem.

My instructable matches the topic 100% so I don't think it has been refused as an entry.



10 months ago

I had the same, my comments sometimes disappear, it's only temporarily problem on site.

Creative Mom CZ

11 months ago

So 4 times was the charm in this case. Hope it works better next time;)

seamsterCreative Mom CZ

Reply 11 months ago

Hi there,

Sorry about that!

Even on the admin side of things, the contests were being a little difficult over the weekend. There seemed to be a bug there, but things appear to be working again. You're in now; good luck! :)

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager