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Problems programming PIC 16F648A with progPIC 2009 Answered

I recently bought a PIC programmer kit from www.velleman.be and tried to program a hex file to a PIC 16F648A and it keeps failing. I have a suitable power supply, an RS 232 cable connected directly to a computer (no usb to rs232 convertor) and it is in program mode, and it is inserted the right way round. I tried programming the included PIC with the included demo hex file and it works fine. However, when I import my hex file, it shows the last set of characters as random ones (not letters or numbers) so it looks like there is something wrong with my hex file. Do I have to compile it differently to work with PICs, and how would I convert this?



8 years ago

You don't say what your "hex file" is for, or supposed to do.  What processor was the hex file you have designed for ?