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Problems with Modern Warfare 2 (PC) Answered

Ok so i just bought MW 2 on Steam and after i installed it and clicked play on single player, it would crash.

I can hear the Infinity Ward Logo do that spinning thing, and then it crashes.  I get the IW4SP.EXE error.  In the past 3 days, ive been able to play single player once.  

When i try to play multiplayer, i get the menu screen for multiplayer but i cannot move my mouse into the menu (I have two monitors).  I tried unplugging my second monitor and i still couldnt move my cursor.  

I tried all of the "remedies" online and nothing seems to work.  

My PC specs are 8GB of ram, Intel i7-2720QM @2.20GHz, Windows Pro, NVIDIA Quadro 1000M (Updated it the day before getting the game).  HP ElietBook 8560w

any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have no where else to turn and I'll be really mad if I spent 15 bucks on a game I got to play once.




7 years ago

Why are you asking us?
If the product doesn't work you should go back to the vendor first.



7 years ago

Is that a dedicated graphics card? Many laptops have integrated graphics and just can't handle games, even though they advertise they can do all kinds of mind blowing HD and 3D video, etc. If you can get into your graphics options in the game, try setting them all to the lowest settings. If not, try updating ALL your drivers, from the components individual websites.

There's lots of google results if you search for that error, most suggest driver updates and either plugging in a microphone or changing your audio settings in various ways. Chances are that the issue you're having has been covered somewhere, so it's worth another look. I suggest this, not to shoo you away but to help you resolve the problem quicker. I mean, the game's been out for a long time so the solution must be out there, it was far too popular to have outstanding issues like that.