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Problems with PDF downloads after Pro Member Suscription Answered

I´m having some problems to download PDF format tutorials after making my One-year Pro Member Suscription. When I pick the PDF button to download the tutorial, it continues appearing the same message than before:

Pro Member Benefit!
To download or print this PDF, support DIY & Instructables by becoming a Pro member today!

Could you help me, please?

Thank you!


If you put this in "bugs" it should be found by the right people; faster.

Hey, I've got the same problem here. I joined in order to get the PDF file download function because I find it much easier to read on paper than a computer screen. It seems I'm getting logged out of the site each time I try to download a PDF. The "view all steps on one page" works as an option, so my "Pro" membership is active, just seems that the issue is with PDF downloads. Any ideas at all, because it seems that I'm not the only one with this issue Cheers

I just joined today, mainly because I wanted to download the PDF files, but I keep getting "... file cannot be repaired..." message. What's going on??? By looking at the messages here, it seems that this has been a problem for quite a few, but then on April 15th there's one telling that it HAS been fixed -- but I'm still getting the same message!! Help!!


8 years ago

i have been a pro member for some time now but lately I have been unable to download PDF documents. My membership does not expire until 2011 so that's not the problem. Please fix this problem.

This is an obvious issue. I paid for this PRO MEMBERSHIP but every time I try to download a pdf, it always says I'm not a member....What gives?


8 years ago

when I try to download a pdf I get a message saying there is a problem with the file and it will not finish downloading.   HELP

Hmm!  I paid for the "PRO" membership, but have not been able to download PDF files. Is anybody working on fixing this problem?

 We have found the problem. The fixed will be released shortly. Sorry about that.

I am able to download PDFs files OK now.

I just signed up for a Pro-Membership too and cannot download any PDF. For me also the PDF download is the primary reason I signed up.
Please fix this problem or tell me what I'm doing wrong....

I've paid to be a Pro member and cannot download ANY PDF files.  This looks like an ongoing problem from the other posts.  If that is the case how do I get a refund?


8 years ago

 I too JUST signed up for Pro membership and cannot download the PDF at "How to weld-MIG welding. The PDF download is the primary reason I signed up. Please fix it or let me know what I am doing wrong.
Thanks,   other 

Dear Instructables team. I recently have become a pro member so i can enjoy the benefits . I am having trouble downloading the PDF files. After i download i try to open them i keep getting an answer saying "  Tere was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired " . I am unable to get what i signed up for. Can you please help me resolve the problem as soon as possible ?
Best Regards


All or just some (which)?


Not all. Some of them like " Making GEK Gasifier parts" but the one for the assembly works. How to make a greenhouse doesn't work either . And i suspect there could be more. Can you help?

It's a bit in a corner here. Start your own topic (click) in a new tab/window, select category group: help and category bugs. Copy and paste both your comments from here into there, click preview and so on. That'll put it in the right place where admin should pick it up, but have a little patience.



8 years ago

I'm unable to access Pro member benefits even though I' signed up and paid 3 weeks ago.  I verified with my bank that the payment has been successfully withdrawn from my account..  Continued lack of response from Instructables.com will soon result in legal recourse to recover the Pro membership fee, which has not allotted me the benefits promised.

Anyone else?

I can't seem to get to the pro pages, tried to repay, that didn't help either. What next?

Well it's March 3, 2010. I am a pro member, and still can't get pdf feature! Can I get a refund?

 did you figure it out? having same problem

 I'm fairly sure this doesn't exactly help the cause... But I'm able to use the pdf feature and I'm not pro... I'm thinking it's because I've been on before the pro system.

 add me to the list. cache clearing doesn't work, and i too would like a little clarification on who to PM with my issue. content manager seems likely, but i don't wish to go on a goose chase. guidance much appreciated!



8 years ago

I have nearly the same problem - I have paid, and nothing was changed to a pro account... Tried on IE, Seamonkey and Firefox...!!!

Check your account - has the payment gone through yet?

If it has, PM one of the Team and ask them to fix it manually.

Hi Kiteman,
I have paid via paypal. And the transaction was processed without problems. Also my credit card has been charged via paypal already... Thanks for the hint. Any suggestions who of the team to contact..??? I haven't found one specialized on membership issues...

You didn't pay for it.  Otherwise, your name would say so.

Every site has it's glitches and bugs, and they constantly try to work through them.

And I mean every site.  Every single one.

Everything is ok! I just had to wait till tomorrow. Case closed.

I'm having the same problem, but clearing browsers cache doesn't help me.

Please, help.


It's important to say that I paid for quarterly pro membership, but I havent received any notice. Also, I'm not having this PRO label, when I post comment, now I can see it...   :(

Are you still having this problem? Try clearing your browsers cache. If this doesn't work (or you need assistance in doing this), please let me know and I'll help you to fix it.

The problem is solved. There were any kind of problems with the payment but it´s OK now! Thanks you very much for your interest!

You are doing a great work with the webpage!

Best regards!