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Product recognition? Answered

I have a science fair coming up and had a really good thought, however I'm not sure how I would go about doing it... So the thought is a refrigerator with product recognition abilities. Basically there will be something with basic information under a product (bottles, cans, etc.) which maybe has the expiration date and the bar-code number (maybe just the bar-code number). So in the fridge, there will be a sensor of some kind to recognize the products. Then that will be transferred to a computer so it can display a list of the things inside the refrigerator. I have a good knowledge of Vb.net and basic knowledge of electronics (resistors, capacitors, transistors, SCRs etc.). I really have no idea for how this would work out, I know it's doable but not sure how.


they already have refigerators like that with it built in and will order more of your product when your out.

It's a bit of a waste-of-technology idea.
How about making something that lets you see inside when the door is shut? Like a web-cam or similar.


Yeah but this is just a science fair project, in the end it doesn't have to be compatible with today's technology. Maybe future products will come with RFID tags in them. However there's just one problem. I live in Egypt and I'm not sure where to find the things I will use in this project. Also I'm trying to avoid buying things from the internet because of shipping fees and time.

so then, use the barcodes for demonstration, and supplant it with your idea about using rfid "in the future".

As Steve said, your best bet with existing technology is a webcam to recognise the barcodes already printed on almost every packaged product.

Use a mobile or webcam as a bar code scanner.


Actually I was just researching and found that using RFID technology would be the best way

Not for most things you'd put in a fridge - the barcodes already there.

Yes but I want it to be automatic, so you just put the product in the refrigerator and it either adds it into the system or removes it based on.. maybe a weight sensor, or a motion sensor... still have to think about that.

The rfid seems like a "best choice", based on how you want it to work, although I'm not well versed enough on rfid to know how to trip an auto-detect for products which may or may not have a public id code, and it may or may not be feasible with the current tech and database. (unlike barcodes, which are afaik, a bit more universal at present)

Steve has the most solid id scheme, but what you're suggesting is interesting, because it would require no manual scanning. Of course, the caveat is as I suggested above. (and...the user base downstream will still be limited to the elite few who can afford such "fluffy" gizmoes)

- point in case, how many consumers have televisions or internet portals on their refrigerators? And how many have freezers built into their ovens?

Ok, so I thought about this a bit more and it *could have some positives in chem and biological storage for hospitals and research labs.

In any case, it's a cool idea, so please don't take my comments as a "negatory" for the idea.