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Programmable / USB doorbell with IR or laserbeam sensor? Answered

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone here has ever made or come across a programmable doorbell with motion sensor, either IR or laser. Like the ones in shops, but with uploadable WAV or MP3 audio. Preferably to build myself (with a little help) or if there is already a product similar to buy in the shops.

Thanks in advance


. Basically, all you need are two parts: an MP3 player and a switch to trigger the player. You should be able to modify, eg, a security light to use as the switch. Search for things like "motion sensor", "proximity switch", "presence switch", &c.; Add " +circuit" or " +schematic" to see how it's done.

NachoMahma, do you have advise as to how I can use an existing MP3 player (tiny one) add an IR sensor to it and control it remotely?

Thanks for the quick reply. Will have a look and see what I come up with. If I find anything I'll post it here.

Found this Doorbell MP3 guide but was wondering if I could replace the button with an IR sensor to play the MP3? Is it that easy or am I missing something? Sorry very new at electronics.

. That circuit calls for a simple switch closure. To elaborate a bit on what killerjackalope said, some sensing units will output a voltage signal or there will be substantial leakage through the switching circuit. This could damage the MP3 player. Use the sensor to drive a relay and use the relay contacts in place of the push-button. A little more complicated, but much safer for your equipment.

Yeah you'll need to use a simple alarm sensor unit as a switch, I'd suggest running a relay so the power doesn't hit the MP3...


9 years ago

Did anyone complete this project? How is it? Im keen to build one using an IR sensor with a stronger (louder) speaker and play a dog bark sound!