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Programmable solenoid controller Answered

Hi all, I need some help finding a suitable solenoid controller, it must be dc powered and operate a latching solenoid for an hour every 24 hours. It must be programmable by the user and operate the latching solenoid instantaneously on and then off separately. It should be relatively cheap as its for a HNC lawn watering project.

Regards woody.  


They can be got off the shelf in DIY stores, you may have to mod it to take off the mains power bit, but that's easy.

Why the latching solenoid ?

Thanks for the reply Steve, for starters I'm a mechanic by trade so have limited knowledge in that department, but will look for a mains powered pulse timer with a user interface. I wanted to use a latching solenoid as it will use less power power from the battery during operation. What would I ask for? And how much could I expect to pay for one?

Your profile doesn't say where you are in the world, but I could get one for about 15 GBP.

I'm in Lincoln, UK. £15 sounds reasonable, what would the control voltage be? Would it be relatively compact in size?

Very. I got one at B+Q. The power consumption with the relay on is pretty minimal. What battery were you going to use ?

Hi all,
I have seen somewhere that you can use some mechanical parts (gears and pins) to implement a latching behavior that could also be controlled with electronics.
Good luck
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