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Programming in TI Basic Answered

Just wondering if anyone else here programs their TI calculators using the built in language.



11 years ago

I wrote some programs (a program?) for an ancient TI programmable (the one with little magnet cards - TI-59?) back around 1980. It calculated "check digits"; a part of a (for example) credit card number that is sort of a checksum that tells you whether the person entering the card number has made a typo. I recall it being very weird; there was a lot of integer math I had to do (extracting digits), and the only operations were floating point...

hmm...that's insteresting...the programs i write are in a very easy version on BASIC

TI-59 programming manual
Things are easy now. 1980 was before microcomputers (for all practical purposes), and the calculator only had the 12digit 7-segment display, so it was pretty much like programming in a weird machine-code where the machine instructions were like "tangent" and each one had a key associated with it.

People still have TI calculators? :) Mine disappeared in the 80's!

i mean the graphing ones. i.e. ti 84 plus silver edition

Yeah, I've got some specific stuff on my TI-89 Titanium for physics/statistics/Diff EQ/chemistry, but apparently the code is only transferable between the 89 and the Voyager. But, yes, even though it is platform limited I do program on the TI.