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Project Chasm: Knex Sniper Answered

Welcome to the Project Chasm Forum. This is a forum I will use to tell you KNEX gun builders about upcoming designs. Ask questions as you wish, and I might even create a gun for your requests.



9 years ago

I cannot delete this page. Do not expect me to answer.

so... WHERE IS IT?!!?

Actually, I'm moving this topic to the new group, RAL Magnum.

Nervermind all that.

I haven't made one yet, I mean one worth posting. I'll tell you when I post it.

Ooo might make a gun from our requests? I'm already doing that for replicating a gun and I'm about to do it for just features. Let's hope your projects like over half the others don't end up getting dropped without a word...or like another quarter that are announced to be dropped.