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Project Dos: The Jamalam's second k'nex ball machine! Answered

Here it is. 2 days solid work and this is what you get. Project dos. Dos meaning 2 in spanish, it is an apropriate name. It has 3 tracks, and stands over 3 feet tall. (Maybe this should be my 3rd ball machine ;)) but anyway, watch the video, enjoy!

Also, I won't bother posting unless you want me to, so If i get 10 requests I will, if not I will leave it.
EDIT: The machine is posted! here it is!


Where can you get that motor? i've been looking EVERYWHERE

eerrrrmmmm..... i got mine with a like space themed mostertruck

BTW i would build it if you posted. SO POST!

:D Can you tell me where you got the motor, please?

Oh. XD I've been looking everywhere and not even ebay has it.

Definitely post it. Not sure if my chain is long enough though.

will be posted in about 3 minutes lol and you only need 77 chain links


9 years ago


sweet machine, post!

thanks! Did you see the video? And thanks again for the request!

Nice! It deserves a good post


9 years ago

Nice ball machine:D You should turn your motor to uber-mode.

I did lol the balls flew everywhere (no pun intedned XD)


a request from me makes 10 its nearly finished!

got 7, need 3 more :D