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Project Euphoria~~The first (that i am aware of) Propeller Driven Knex Boat. Answered

Well, I just thought I would let you guys know about Project Euphoria.
It is the first, that I am aware of, knex propeller driven boat-If there is one, please please PLEASE, correct me. I hate making False claims.
It is a grey trekker motor, driving two counter-rotating two-bladed screw propellers.
Thanks to everyone who posted on This topic, and the many Knexer's who have wished me luck, if only in thier heads (If you were one of these, thank. but next time put a comment on?)

I will have pictures, maybe a ideo, and possible an Instructible soon.



Sorry :(  But I would love to see progress on this boat, they are ridiculously hard to make due to knex's ability to errrr..... sink.

mine uses less non knex peices--four oneliter bottles, and about 20cm tape.

I think that would look a lot better. Am I right in saying the bottles are the 4 hulls? And the tape attaches them to the knex?

no, they are held in place by knex..the tape is more to splash-proof areas...and to hold on the mooring rope :~D

but thanks for the post :D i like to be proved...wrong or right.