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Project Q Answered

heres project Q tell me how ya like it new sighting system




10 years ago

Nice post it... did you mean Q as in guy from James Bond ?

i have a scope that uses a bunch of butchered pieces from an old pair of binoculars and knex pieces and you can increase the zoom and everything...the problem is setting it up accurately but it is small and compact like a normal scope and works pretty well

i'm planning on posting it...people might not like it though because it involves modding alot of white connectors...lol they will still work but instead of a small hole in the middle, all the crosses are gone and there is a large gaping hole...lol

Is that a chair or a table, either one it needs to be cleaned BADLY.

we use it as a base in airsoft fights so its stays outside all the time

Whoa that is so revolutionary and innovative, I mean its not like there are any guns that are similar to this at all.

Why wouldn't I be? This gun has absolutely nothing new at all, not even a trigger. "New sighting system", which is a giant box on one end that does nothing, and a little hole on the other end. It would be more effective to have a hole towards the stock, and have one on the end of the barrel to look through.

If you're referring to the plastic on the sights, the numbers can't be read on the picture. And then that's the only thing.

the range calculations help you aim at your target better

I really doubt that, knex guns are very inconsistent, the rubber bands get weaker every time, so it your measurements can never be accurate.

well when a force is exterted from tension at lets 100N and the force is wore to the extreme lets say 10N it can't get weaker i think(lets hope 8th grade science is right)