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Project? Videos? Answered

Within each lesson there are mentions of projects that were completed and videos. There are many blank spaces where something has been deleted, such as , videos. Where are the videos and where do the completed projects come from. I have taken courses that had those blank spaces but I thought I would have to upgrade to see them so I finally upgraded, (glad that I did mind you) but I still have the same blank spaces and mentions of videos that I don't see. I followed the answer and cleared my cookies cache on all browsers and it's still the same. Usually, when I have problems with something like this it's operator error, which I'm sure this is also. What should I do? I would love to see the videos and know where to find the projects that people seem to be making.


The videos are in the lessons, and show a technique, but the majority of the lesson is text and photos. If you can't see the videos make sure your browser doesn't have any add-ons that could prevent the page from loading completely.

Can you see my reply to your previous question below with the links to the projects that were broken out into their own Instructables? Those are the projects that were paired with each lesson :)

That is what I'm saying, there are no videos that I can see in my lessons. If they are I can't see them nor can I see where there is a link to them. It just say something like, 'as you can see in the video' when there is no video that I can see. I checked to see if I had any add-ons and there are none. If everybody else can see them I'm sure I'm doing something wrong aka, operator error. Any more suggestions?