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Project ideas for a MacGyver game? Answered

My cousin is joining the army this summer.  He's going to be a bomb defuser!

We're going to give him a big send-off before he goes but we want to send him off with a little training.

Another of my cousins is going to weld together a "bomb" shell and we are going to try to make it a puzzle that he has to solve / defuse using nothing but his MacGyver/ MacGruber  bomb disposal kit that we'll give him.

He'll have things like matchsticks, tube socks, duct tape, etc.... and he'll have to use that stuff to defuse the "bomb"

The most obvious thing I want to build into this thing is a countdown timer.  That's probably what he'll find when he gets all the way into the center.

I want it to do two things:  Not activate until a pressure or momentary switch is RELEASED (he'll open a little door or something which will start the clock ticking) and I want the timer to stop when he cuts the correct wire.  

Obviously it's just a toy, so it doesn't need to be particularly fancy or functional.  I'm not hunting for diagrams that could be used to build a  real detonation timer.  In fact the cheaper and cheesier the better, especially since my skills in this area are pretty limited.

I know how to build an electronics project according to specifications, but I don't know much about designing circuits.  Does anyone know of an instructable out there that fits my description? Or at least gets close?  

Have any other awesome ideas for stuff we should include in our MacGruber puzzle?  My cousin has an insidious idea for bolting it shut with a bolt that is threaded half clockwise and half counterclockwise.  you can get the nut halfway off but then it won't turn anymore unless you start turning it the opposite direction, which nobody ever figures out.



8 years ago

 Make sure you place some charged capacitors in there too, 

    EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) is no joke.  So remember he is going to war and may not come back, so this lil prank may ultimately haunt you and your  accomplice in the end.  War is no joke!


8 years ago

Several LARPs have used the Wild Planet "safe cracker" toy as a simulation of lockpicking or bomb defusing or other dexterity-and-attention challenges. It offers a dexterity challenge (similar to the old Operation! game, but operating as a maze), a visual attention challenge (catch and remember combination digits), and an auditory challenge (catch and remember musical tones), with selectable skill levels. Might not be exactly what you need, but it's a good off-the-shelf example of the kind of thing you're trying to come up with, and not unreasonably priced. I've been tempted to buy one just as a toy for the guest room.



8 years ago

This would probably get a better response in the forums.