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Project views as judging criteria!!!!! Should this be so???? Answered

OK, I was reading the contest rules and it states that the number of view your instructable has gotten will be a factor in the judging. Should this be criteria for judging? I personally do not think so!!!!! The deadline is June 17th........Right!!! So what if I (or anyone) submitted their project late in the night on the 16th. It will still be a qualifying entry, correct!!! If I did submit late in the night on the 16th the chances of getting the views of a project submitted a month earlier are very slim. Even though my instrucatable may be the most amazing yet and a hands down winner, does this mean since I only have a view ratio of 100000 to 20, that my project will not win. I personally do not believe number of views should be included in the judging criteria. This simply is not fair to people who get their entries in at the last minute, as they would still qualify 100% if it were in fact before the deadline!!! Edit: Now that I think about it the rating given by users should not be a factor also for the same reason above. However, the only way this would be fair is if the deadline was only for entry, THEN there would be a certain amount of time for users to rate the project, say a month, AFTER the deadline for submittal. The page views and rating should only be counted during this time. This would make it fair all across the board. The only way to make the current way fair would be to do it based on judging by the actual judges based on the project only.



11 years ago

We're treating it as a sort of "audience vote" in addition to our regular panel of judges, and fully understand that putting up projects at different times will result in different page view totals. That's taken into consideration. We try not to penalize people for following the rules, so don't think about it too hard. ;)

No worries ;) Look at past contests - if they are any indication, everything will be very fair. When they say "page views" -- the time at which the project was submitted is taken into account. Notice how the most popular projects are not necessarily brand new projects or have the highest page views or the highest rating ;) Remember that a lot of the page views come from google searches and such. So even if you let things sit a month, there will still be a bias towards older projects. Kinda like digg -- it's not the link with the most "diggs" that wins. It's the link with the fastest rate. That being said.... I had a last minute project that was submitted into the magnet challenge contest. And the timing didn't hurt it (it was a wining project) ;)

. While I don't think views should be the only factor, or even a major factor, I see nothing wrong with taking it into account. So what if you "lose" a few points on this contest? Have fun and get the next one in early.