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Projector? Answered

can any one tell me how to build home projector ? what parts used to make low cost projector for home

plz email me on ciphercc@gmail.com

list of parts used in project
which lense used in project

give me step by step full instruction with photographs 




7 years ago

I won't walk you through the complete process, but usually you try to get some cheap LCD-panel (a small LCD-TV should do), put it in a box and have a light source shining through from behind. In the front you put a lens which magnifies the picture.

I tried once and you can spend quite some money on this. I finally decided to go for a cheap projector. And now, they are much cheaper than they were once and you can probably also grab a used one.
You'll get a better picture, better input options, better portability (compared to home made) and you spare yourself the hassles of never really being satisfied with the results of a homemade one.
If you still want to go that route, look up google. There are several pages going into detail on the build and theoretical side of such a project.

The site works like this: people do things and publish them (search), or you are doing things and ask for help/advice.
You don't get a full project e-mailed to you by request.


You don't want much do you?

However there are instructables on this if you search.

Why don't you type "projector" into the search box in the upper left corner. That will get you results from this site much, much faster than waiting for someone to do it for you.