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Projects over the summer? Answered

have any of you got any big projects you are going to work on, or any ideas of cool projects that someone could make over the summer? Because i would like to build something over the summer but i have no ideas yet.


I'm working on a unicycle. It's coming along quite nicely.... Just need to put the pedals on.

I tried that today but i couldn't find the right pedals if you mange to get it done send me some pics.

I still haven't figured out how to put the pedals on

I know this is an old thread

I am planning on (which sometimes doesn't mean much) a show and tell in the Susquehanna Valley area of Penna. this spring. But that is only if I can work out a few details in time and then get permission (no, not just from my boss at home ;-)

Im very fond of growing gardens and trees. Lemon trees, to be exact.

Dear Canadian, How to grow lemon tree from seed? I live in Turkey.

Get a lemon. However you want, get the seeds. Get a small planting pot. Put a thin layer of small rocks in the bottom. Then, fill the rest up with potting soil. Optionally, you can grind up eggshells and mix it into the soil, its great for the plants. Then, poke a inch deep hole into the soil, and put your lemon seed in. Plant them about a inch apart. Keep the soil watered, but not soggy, and you should have lemon sprouts in about 2-3 weeks. Keep them on a sunny windowsill or something of the sort. Once they sprout, you may want to water them with a spray bottle for a month or two. Once they start crowding out their pot, replant them into larger pots. Good luck! And just so you know, they grow very slowly after they've sprouted. Mine are about 5 inches tall, and I have had them for a year! Also, you can follow those instructions for any citrus fruit. Grapefruits do well.

you should try to start skateboarding or karate/ tae kwon do, they are both very,very good for your health and your mind, they build confidence and muscle. Iguarantee that if you stick to either one, you will see an improvement in endurance and perserverance. Tae kwon do will also allow you to "find "yourself to be at peace with your emotions and respect oneself. you should try one if you want.

-Duct Tape Armor -Making 2 or three instructables -Making duct tape hats for all my friends (All 2 of them) -Doing some of the instructables on this site (Ooooh, make a moter bike?) -Not dying -Work (Minimum Wage FTW!) -Finishing up restoring my old game consoles (Atari Jaguar, I hate you...) -So yeah...

I made myself a pcb drilling press, works great.

Well, I'm trying to restore four Indians. That's my summer project. But I bet that's not in your ballpark. One fun thing that I did was I built a sandboard and took it to the Dunes.

reading... lots of reading...

Nothing at the moment, because most of the money I am saving up is for skis I am planning on purchasing. However I do plan on further improving and growing my current business with my brother.

It is called NGB Enterprises. I made it to correspond with the kits that I sell. Edmund Scientific wants to buy a few kits, and I had to have a valid business i.d. I filed for a dba (google it; its somewhat confusing) and started my own business. Now if any other company contacts me, I will have a valid business and tax id so they can purchase from a minor.

No, sadly I googled NGB Enterprises after I filed for my business i.d.

Cool. What kind of kits do you sell? Do you have a web site?

The only kits that I sell are the ones in the Marketplace. The 9V USB Charger and the Mini LED Flashlight. Hopefully as the summer moves on, I have more time to formulate new kits.

At the moment I am in the process of completing two offers for the kit. Edmund Scientific contacted today as well telling me they passed my 9V kit on to an intern.

Learning how to knit!

knex eiffel tower on its way. photos need to be uploaded, it takes forever

Im gonna do LOADS of projects, probably nothing too big though as i dont have the space and i dont have an welder/angle-grinder etc. im' aiming for the stuff others can build at home quite easily and maybe making some kits and selling them

I've got a genuine air guitar to make (no joke), along with a proposed Giant (as in 4ft tall) iPod. I'm going to work on turning my desk into a drum machine and build myself a theremin.

Oh, neat! How does it work? A glove with some sort of sensor in the pockets is my guess... Or will I have to wait? ;-)

Oh, theramin - I'll look forward to seeing that one (a real one, or an optical one?)

Hopefully a real one, I have the schematics for both.

  • ham radio set-up
  • solid state tesla coil
  • re-paint my room

Ham radio? I started getting into that about a year ago, but never really got that into it... Let me know how it goes.

And what color are you painting your room?

desert camo. and im building a superhetodyne (no clue ho its spelt, and spellcheck doesnt know) receiver.

By desert camo, you mean... is that one solid color? Or overlapping colors for a desert camo pattern?

desert camo pattern with different colors

  • Clothes line (completed)
  • Chicken Coop (completed, expect a slideshow)
  • Tree house
  • Resurrect a dingy & convert to pedal power
  • Tire swing
  • Fireworks
  • Some sort of smallish vehicle
  • Hovercraft
  • Putting green

Expect ibles.

I'll probably have to put some more work into the Manta Drive, but I also fancy building a proper robot, either the Bugbots BEAM Sumo, or something along the lines of Mikey77's one-inch robot (but larger).