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Prop Harpoon gun Answered

I need some suggestions on how to make a realistic-ish harpoon gun. Please...


lol thanks y'all, but that was in 2007..

oh..but don't use paper if you are expecting to make one that shoots..

Give paper a try (cardstock)
get some good diagrams of a harpoon gun and once you understand how it works make all the parts with paper
I was going to make a harpoon gun with paper once..I should have done it so I could post it..
Maybe I will make one soon

You can use anything for the harpoon gun, depending how big you want it - bow mounted? Tubes, pipes. concrete construction tube forms, can all be assembled and painted to look like the gun. For the harpoon similar things like dowels, paper tube, plastic pipe with cardboard/wood/plastic/metal spear point. For effect, you can really just attach some monofiliment fish line to the harpoon, yank the harpoon out of the gun, maybe coordinate a ballon filled with talcum powder popped in the gun barrel or with a simple foot air pump to give it that blast look, throw the spear/harpoon for the shot of it in flight. No need to go high tech if you don't have the equipment. Good luck.

Spring? It's a harpoon gun! What I would do, is make an air cannon. Use schedule 40 pressure-rated PVC pipe and make a barrel and a pressure chamber connected with a solenoid valve. Build an enclosure, and create a "harpoon" (don't shoot anyone with it) out of a wooden dowell rod. To shape the harpoon, carve the details out of the wood and paint it, as well as the gun. Pressurize the chamber, and give some power to the valve. Phoom!



10 years ago

for the barrel try to use pvc (smaller size) and spray paint it. Put a spring inside the barrel and use some sort of rod as a harpoon. Not sure what to use as a handle.. Maybe a pressure washer handle? And think up some sort of firing mechanism