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Propane torch Answered

I've considered several times buying a propane torch to burn weeds in my driveway, or melt ice. The one I'd like to have looks like a cane with a threaded connector on the handle end to attach a propane bottle. They all seem overpriced to me and I've always wondered if I could make one cheaper than I could buy one. I can find the tubing I need but I've never been able to find the rest of the parts.  Any suggestions or would someone like to post an instructable showing how to make one?


check out weed burners at your local home depot

$36 is overpriced?


i have a propane oxygen torch which i have used on occassion as a propane-air torch. it tends to blow itself out unless fitted with a tin can to contain the air fuel mix. most torches and burners have a way to mix "primary" air, and "secondary " air. understanding design helps with improvising.