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Propane vs. Charcoal? Answered

I'm going to make the move back to regular ol' charcoal for its sheer cheapness, and my ability to make it hotter than propane. Mainly though i've been running on the last dregs of my propane, and i'm going on-the-cheap and as free of electricity as possible soonish-like. What do you use and why?


charcoal and coal. Coal since I can get a large quantity of it free (long story), and charcoal since it doesn't send guests into an asthma attack like the free boiler coal. Out of curiosity, do you use briquette or lump charcoal? I've never used anything other than lump.

briquette = bad.

sulphur and other additives make for a bad forge coal.

I've heard it has a lot of lime in it as a binder, too. I can't imagine that makes it more useful.

Bit o' both. Need to redesign my charcoal forge, i can get the heat much broader...