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Proper Etiquette for Giving Away Free Pro Memberships? Answered

I am genuinely curious...

What is the "proper etiquette" for giving away free Pro Memberships that you have to someone else? 

Should you just give them away at random? Should you ask your followers to share your 'ibles and once you get to "X" views then you will select a person at random to give a 3 month or 1 year pro membership away to? Do you try to promote your YouTube channel, website, or Facebook page in exchange for a random drawing? 

What is the best or most respectable way to approach it? I don't want to be discourteous to others (or my followers) by presenting a "rude" or "distasteful" request for giving away some of my Pro Memberships.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom and tips! :)


How do you get pro memberships for free?Thanks.

Hi GingerSnaps :) You can get free Pro Memberships by one of the following ways:

1. You earn a 3-Month Pro Membership (for free) when you post a really awesome Instructable (complete with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and great photos), and one of the editors of the Instructable team features your 'ible.

2. You win a 1 Year Pro Membership (for free) by entering eligible, on-topic 'ibles of yours into contests and then winning the contest (as long as you make it to the Finalist round, you will get a 1 Year Pro Membership awarded to you).

3. Someone you are following gives them away (like I will be doing very soon).

4. Someone posts here on the Forums that they are giving away free Pro Memberships and you claim it in time to get one.

Hope that helps!

I haven't given any memberships away online .. yet. The memberships I have given away so far have been to people that I have introduce to the website and they showed genuine enthusiasm about the idea of the site and wanted to participate.

A common method of giving memberships away that I have seen is people will make an IBLE and then offer memberships to the first few people that post up "I made this" comments and photos.

what kind of contest would you do, JoaoM86? Or what kind of contest would you like to see for them? Thanks for the comment :)

I have given some away to members who participate in the community by posting an "I made it" comment on anyone's instructable or just given them to the first few who ask. I don't feel it necessary to put self-promotion stipulations on a giveaway. By selflessly giving away pro memberships, you help the community and can gain some followers simply because of your kindness.

Thank you for your reply! I was going to give them away "selflessly"...but wanted to know if that was the norm or if it was to "promote" oneself instead. Thanks for taking the time to answer :)

I'm about to try giving some away on Facebook and Instagram soon, I think! Maybe 5 or 10 3-month memberships on each platform? Probably just going to do a random drawing so it's easy for me and fair for everyone else. :)

On the site, though, I tend to just give them away to new folks who post fantastic things! Chances are they'll probably get another for being featured, too, so I hope it encourages them to stick around. :)