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Proper Semi-Automatic Rifles Answered

Ive been on instructables for a while now but it seems that the only peron who has ctually posted a semi automatic gun is oodalumps, Im jus askin if any1 could build a properly semi-automatic rifle (Semi-auto means that all you have to do is pull back the trigger to fire and it fires one at a time, so its basicly a 1 round at a time machine gun)


that would be a bolt-action rifle not any kind of machine gun

Actually I'm pretty sure Juls got his terminology correct and didn't need any fixing. Semi-automatics have a lot more in common with machine guns than they do with bolt-actions. The reason I haven't posted any comments in here earlier is because I'm at a loss. I have no idea how to make a semi-auto except by copying Oodalumps. The way his did it was by making the trigger itself the source of firing power. K'nex don't have chemical propellents or air compression or any other type of never-ending power supply to work with except motors which are too slow or too weak to directly power the launching of rods. So we have rubber bands, which need to be pulled back every time before being used again.

Thats really why i started this topic seeing as every time ive attempted to build a semi-automatic rifle its just failed miserably, but there may be a way of building one involving a spring or motor