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Proper way to "mount" a bearing? Answered

I'm not really sure on the proper way to mount a bearing. I had a few ideas on how to do so, but I want to know what your methods are, or which of mine are the best. Images are attached. In most of these methods, there's a little collar on the bearing. I didn't discover till recently that most bearings don't have those.


. Method 1 would probably be best. It's a standard design and should be easy to maintain. The fit of the shaft in the collar needs to be pretty tight to prevent imbalance at higher speeds. . Methods 2 and 4 (welded) are no good, in my opinion. With Method 2, you run the chance of tempering/softening the bearing races/bearings. With both Methods, changing the bearing will be a PITA. . Method 3 should work fairly well in low-torque, low-load situations.

But, isn't it a rule of thumb not to have sideways force on bearings? And, not a lot of bearings have that "ring" around them.. at least not ones I can find. If you know a source, could you please tell me? Thanks!

> But, isn't it a rule of thumb not to have sideways force on bearings?
. Which way is sideways depends on how you're looking at. ;)
. Almost all bearings are designed to handle radial loads and some will handle axial (thrust) loads.
. The set screw does not introduce any load on the bearing. The collar is part of the inner race.
. Something like this collar bearing w/flange may be what you are looking for. (Not a recommendation, just the first good pic I found.) Search for "collar bearing" for more sources. I've had good luck with McMaster-Carr in the past, but haven't ordered from them in years.