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Prophecies for Future Research Answered

800 years from now, archeologists will conduct research on landfills and compare international findings concerning the wealth of an ancient culture based on the amount on disposable diapers found.

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In two hundred and fifty years "scienticians" will reinvent fire and the wheel, theorize that the giant crumbling cities were the "dwellings of the Gods".

There was a recurring theme in 2000AD comic, of miners opening up old landfill sites and making a fortune when they hit seams of valuable antiques.


8 years ago

Reminds me of "Motel of the Mysteries" by David Macaulay , a humorous look at professional archeology.

After the second biblical flood (of junk mail) drowns the world, a motel room is unearthed.  Televisions are altars to the gods, toilets are involved in worship-ceremony (after much drinking...)


They will uncover what appears to be a baffling number of generations of computing machines, in a single decade layer of strata.

They will wonder at the waste in distributing flawed machines, instead of perfecting one and then distributing them....