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Proposition to Instructables.com Answered

Hi, instructables.
I've been following this site for a year now, and i like what you guys did and do here,
i wish my country had this kind of "hobbies", wich is why i'm posting this message.
I want to show people that we sometimes we can pick up simple things a make art pieces! :)

I'm taking a Multimedia course at my school, and for my final project i need to do either create anything using 3d, since rooms to cars,
or games/applications in Flash, or even create a website. And i'm about to choose the last one.
My thought is to use your site as base to make my own. My problem is, i wanted to talk to you guys first so that you wouldn't consider that i'd be breaking any copyright, or whatever.

And i wanted to ask you if i can go with this project onward.

Best regards
Frederico Ramos


hey, there, so the project was accepted by my school, but i'm at the phase of the layout and i need to put some images and some info, to be used as guide, for now, and my question is, do you think that if i ask some people at insctructables they would let me use some of their photos(i just need 2 or 3 for now)? just the photos, for the info i'll use some "lorem ispum" generator.

if not, there's no problem.

by the way, i'm writting down the names of everyone that helps me, to make a memento of them at the home page of my site.

p.s. - i've uploaded a screenshot of the layout to show the progress. i'll upload more later.


You're welcome to use the photos/text from my instructable here (I don't think the xkcd comic is a problem to use, but may be best just to use my actual photos). (I'd appreciate if you linked back to the original instructable.)

You are welcome to use images from Instructables for your project. Good luck!

Small point you may wish to consider;

You have been asked to "create a website". The use of the word "create" implies they are after something new and original.

By all means, create a website that centres around Making, but you need to put your own stamp on it, rather than just copy the approach of another site. That's why Instructables is so special - it is unique.

Can I suggest you browse the web for other sites that focus on design and Making (www.notcot.org is a good start to browse from), and look for something you can offer, in terms of content, style or user interface, that others do not.

thanks, that's why i wanted to ask someone first. ;)

i don't want to copy anyone or steal attention, it's just that in my country the DIY projects are not that evolved as in america and if someone needed to come to your website they'd only get english information.

i know friends that for example wouldn't be able to understant the entire tutorial of some projects.

but yeah you are right, they asked me to create not copy some other site. xD

thanks for your reply ;p

So, you're working on a Portuguese version?

Good luck - don't forget to post a link to it when you're done!

yeah, it's a portuguese version. so far, i've only seen forums
about modding(computer modding) and nothing more, and i wished that people
could see that there's more to modding than only pc modding.

and how fun it is. :D

I won't forget to post a link here, and if you guys didn't mind, I was thinking in putting a link reference to instructables.com.

I'm sure that would be most acceptable.

If you need help with actually putting the site together, ask a question in the Answers or Forums, because there are quite a few members who are handy with code.