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Pros and viruses Answered


I have been seeing a lot of complaints about viruses / redirection etc. in the last couple of weeks.

It may be my imagination, but most / all seem to be from non-pro members.

Are pro members getting these problems (especially if you click through from the newsletter)?

I haven't seen any of the problems (running FF in Wondows, with Norton installed and up-to-date).


I am a new pro member but have never had any problems, through all my time being non-pro or my short week of being so.

I've seen the direct effect, but only when logged out.

I checked out an ible to show a friend at work (we were doing hemp crafts, and looked up kitemans cord ible), and the antivirus magic popped up, and I was like "oh noes!".

I went home, logged on, and browsed for hours, and had no problem. 

I went back to work, checked it out the next day, and boom, it popped back up again.

 Nope. Not a problem so far.

Ya'll best solve it soon else you'll get wacky conspiracy theories. XD

You mean they're NOT out to get me?  

"Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me....;-) " 

I have heard a lot about this on Facebook, but everytime I go to a link that someone says is a bad one, I see no problem...running FF from home,  MSIEv7 at work,  I run CheckPoint FW, and antivirus at home, they have a hardware FW here at work.

I haven't noticed any problems, even with Firewall and all antivirus turned off. I've no idea what could be plaguing the others.

Also, I don't get any sort of invasive ads from this website as long as I don't click anywhere not crafted by Instructables.

Oh yeah, and I loved reading about that glass virus exhibit. Good pic!


8 years ago

Genuine viruses, or over-cautious "potential clickjacking attempt!" warnings from zealous antivirus?  I can imagine fancy-pants ads like that Craftsman one that took over the entire screen being interpreted as some sort of gnarly XSS by an antivirus, but surely viruses in the actual site will hit pros and non-pros alike?  And if it's the ads, then any site using the same ad providers will be affected.

What external ads do you see on this page? I see none.
Too many people have mentioned this in Dec, something funny happened, and yes it does affect other sites,



8 years ago

I never had any notifications... not sure if that means i'm a savvy user or am somehow underprotected.  Strictly Firefox.  Running Adblock but permit ads on Instructables.

Well, according to their facebook page, they think they've fixed it, let them know if it happens again.

i have been using Firefox and even before i had a pro membership i haven't had any problems.  I think it is mainly with internet explorer. Just a guess...

 I got one on on safari when logged out. It is not the browser but the site itself. The ads are most likely the cause.


8 years ago

I have not had any problems when logged in but I have gotten some when I was not. It has to do with the ads because I have gotten messages in chrome about statistats when on other sites as well.


8 years ago

Oddly enough, I got a "OMG YOU GOT A VIRUS, HAHAHAHAHA" Just kidding message a while ago, but it was nothing. And I use Firefox. Odd...

.  WinXP Pro SP3
.  AdblockPlus 1.1.2
.  FF 3.5.6
.  Antivir Personal (but no msgs from it)
.  Ibles "Pro"
.  I have seen zero malware problems when using Ibles and most other sites I visit. I get the occasional "you're infected! let us fix it" dialog at some sites, but ctrl-alt-del will deal with that.

.  BTW, Adblock is disabled for instructables.com, so it shouldn't be blocking anything.

While you are logged-in, there's not much to be blocked. It's the "prole-ads" that seem to be the problem.


.  It's just toooooo tempting not to say "Let the eat cake."  LOL

.  Is there anything I can do to help track the Net Ruffians down? It does seem to be causing a lot of consternation amongst those that are seeing it.

Log-out and do a lot of clicking (didn't work for me, but I didn't persist too long)


I'm not having any problems.

We/You're not getting the same ads.


Not me!