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Protect my house on mischief night? Answered

Last year my house was egged in a drive by "shooting". in past years there were attempts at TPing my tree but its like 200' so it was a fail. Anyways i need suggestions on how to defend my house. so far i have

Airsoft sniper in the tree
Water hose
Super Soaker Flame thrower
Chasing them on a bike with a 100Db alarm on it
MORE airsoft guns
Paintball Bazooka "homemade"
Camera flash for blinding them
Firecrackers (possibly if i can find them in time)
panic button for car alarm
POSSIBLY putting a trail of gasoline on the road so in case of a drive by someone in the bush can light it and scare the crap out of driver and prevent them from leaving
Playing random music VERY loud and getting like 10 people to give a GIANT group hug
Night vision (kipkay design)
pitch forks and torches

Please any other ideas would be helpful



7 years ago

if you have xbox live then you know about the turret thats made from the kinect. it uses kinect to track there movements and trigger a ...trigger(lol). now in the video the used a nerf gun... replace it with a either fully or semi automatic air-soft gun and sittback and hear them scream.... the kinect also takes pictures of their misery...so you can share it with all! now yes this is pricey buying the kinect and air-soft gun, but if you do you can setup deffences anywhere! ( in the office in your room if you are daring then at school maybe during an air-soft war if your into that kind of thing.) so a very long term benifit and very well worth it!


8 years ago

All you really need is your flamethrower fuel, some film canisters and a couple rolls of caps. Simplest way to make a fire grenade.

Asian Invasion

8 years ago

lol hide in the tree wearing black clothing and when they come shoot them with airsoft gun and yell "surprise, biotch!!!"


8 years ago

A couple of these sound stupid, but work. origami balloon full of flour chuck tennis balls painted wooden gun,or a rubber band gun. water balloons recording of barking dogs Hope this helps!