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Protecting wood from heat from fire ? Answered

Hi all,

I have been thinking of trying to set a small fire pit into a patio table.

Its a fairly solid low "coffee table" type outdoor table so is capable of holding the weight, but im not sure if I can just cast a fire cement bowl to hold the wood/charcoal and set it into the table or would it eventually catch fire through heat transfer.

Thanks in advance for any replies. 



Best Answer 4 years ago

Mold some standoffs (short legs) into the bowl so it leaves about 1/2" to 1" clearance between the bowl and the wood.

Can you make the table of metal?


4 years ago

Hi thanks for the replies,

Both very helpful and both with good points, I will make a test up with the stand off and make a decision after several controlled fires.


4 years ago

I understand your point. It could be realy attractive but it would be too dangerous if you would ask me. Some characteristics

- burning point of wood: 200°C / 390°F

-temperature of burning wood: 800°C / 1450°F

As you can imagine there is a high risk to reach the burning point through heat transfer. But this is not the only risk. Flying sparks and spalling pieces of charcoal could set the table alight and could also harm the people who would sit around the table. Thus, as nice as it could ever look like, I only can advise you against it. Sorry.