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Protein Folding - The Game! Answered

Human VS Computers - an algorithmic competition

Science and technology have been mimicking nature for as long as human beings have been tinkering. Computer scientists have developed neural networks and genetic programming techniques to try to approximate the computational methods of nature. But here's something new:

Fold it is a game that takes advantage of unique human perspectives in problem solving and also the innate competitive drive to solve the insanely difficult problem of protein folding.

"Since proteins are part of so many diseases, they can also be part of the cure. Over the summer, we will add new functionality to the game to allow users to design brand new proteins that could help prevent or treat important diseases."

-I think this is interesting, have you guy's tried this. I can't wait to see how we (as humans) pan out.


I'd like to download it, but it's 52 MB. Too rich for my blood. It looks very intresting though, can't wait to see how it would help mankind...

SWEET! I just downloaded the game now. It's really cool. Bit difficult at first though.