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Prototype This premiers tonight Answered

Prototype This premiers tonight on the Discovery Chanel. It stars Zoz, a good friend of mine from MIT. Here's what Zoz has to say about the premier:

Dear lords of the realm,

Please join me in advertisement-laden spirit this Wednesday for a thrilling three hours of television tomfoolery:

8pm: Discovery Channel - season premiere of "Time Warp" produced by crop circle nemesis and doctor of weirdness John Tindall and co-hosted by Robots alum and all-around superhero Jeff Lieberman; followed by:

9pm: Network Presidential debate - mix red food colouring with corn syrup and smear it on the screen so that all participants look like the blood-soaked zombies they are; wipe it off in time for:

10pm: Discovery Channel - season premiere of "Prototype This" co-hosted by yours truly! That's right, the Apocalypse Now of television - the series that wouldn't die, that took longer than most Master's theses to make, is finally going to see the light of day!

Representative websites here:


To anyone who got this shameless plug twice - take it as a compliment because I didn't want to miss anyone so this one is going only to important individuals, not lists! But still tell all your friends to watch so we can get good ratings and get picked up for more seasons so I don't have to find a real job!

It's been a long and circuitous path from idea to actual show. In one of the first ideas, Squid Labs was going to prototype various ideas in a reality-TV-like show. To see how it's evolved, check out a couple of the casting reels we filmed starring Tim, Christy, Corwin, and me:
MITERS Tour with Tim
Squid Labs tour with Christy, Corwin, and Eric
I've got Zoz's casting reel too, and I'll share that shortly.


AAAAArrrrrgh ! I hate working nights :.-..(

And I hate Canadian TV because we don't get it here ...

I am hoping to catch the primier of MAKE TV in January " ;-)

The "Bre TV" thing? That ran again twice last week on History...I never saw a promo, just turned it on and there it was...(managed to watch the bulk of the show between those two airings.) (Interestingly, I don't see Bre Pettis listed as a contributor on the Make website anymore.)

Hmm? No, this is advertised in MAKE mag coming in January....2009

This show is so cool. Seriously. Did you all see the one they did on a waterslide simulator? Awesomeness squared.

no offense, but i dont like prototype this. Kind of like smash lab. Time Warp is better!

Oh man, I recorded Prototype This on DVR (watching it right now), but I didn't know Time Warp premiered the same day! I really wanted to see that show; I'm even really close to purchasing my own high speed camera.

Ooh Those are fun. slowmotion exploding things... :)

I have no idea either. Was it this one Or was is it the high speed video camera

RECORDED ON TIVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will have to, until they start rerunning them on Sat/Sun. or during my vacation time :-)

Something is preventing it from downloading to my machine (not the player, the show itself).

Well hey... I worked on this show. Zoz is truly impressive to watch in action.

Post a forum topic when the show(s) you helped out with are about to air, and give us the inside scoop!

I mostly helped out with machining and casting on a show about Gecko Mimetic material premiering in December. It should be a mind trip.

Oh, and I've got to extend a warm thank you to Eric for connecting me with them.

I've missed it! Hopefully I'll catch the repeat. Which reminds me, when are we going to see an instructable/make/craft television show on the DIY (more like HGTV) channel?

Holy guacamole! The guy on time warp is juggling chain saws!! In slo-mo!!

Watching time warp now! I eargerly anticipate this upcoming show!

Too bad it doesn't star Eric and Christy, though. Now THAT would be wicked!