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Proximity Detectors??? Answered

I'm not sure what to realy call what i'm looking for so i'll just explain what its use would be. Basically i want to keep our cat out of one room and away from the front door. He tries to run out when ever we open it which makes for a pain with groceries or a 2 year old running around. So there are all kinds of things suggested online , rattle can of coins, spray bottle ect.. I want to put one or two canned air bottles by the door. They will be in some type of device with a sensor. Then put something small on the cats collar that will activate a sensor when it gets close to the bottles , the sensor at the bottles will activate a lever and spray out a one shot of the canned air. I thought that those automatic air freshener spay systems from Glade could help out as a base unit but i'm not sure on the remote unit on the cat and how to get it to activate the base unit.....any ideas???


If you use a PIR sensor (the kind of thing normally used to trigger floodlights in the garden), the spray will go off whenever the cat is near, no matter what the cat is wearing.

But wouldn't that be set off no matter what goes past it?

Yes, but humans wouldn't be put off by an ankle-height burst of scent.

That's a good point... But wouldn't it run out quite quickly if it was placed by the front door like he said?

RFID tag on the collar mabey?