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Proximity key fob for motorcycle Answered

Hey guys, I am working on a custom barebones motorcycle. I want to make the starting system incredibly simple by just carrying a keycard or fob that can be sensed within 4-5 feet of the bike which would allow me to just kick start it and go. I worked in access control before and to my knowledge the cards and fobs needed to be placed basically on top of a sensor to activate it, is there any way to give in just a touch more range? so just having it in my pocket would close the circuit and allow me to kick start the bike? wiring it in isn't a problem, I just need a switch that would sense a fob 4-5 feet away and close a switch.




5 years ago

I am thinking it would need to have just a bit more range.. because this "contact" will be the only thing keeping the bike in the "On" position, if I were to adjust myself on the bike.. like slightly stand off the seat for a moment, I cant have it fall out of range and turn off.

why not have the switch where you would normally carry the rfid. So when you straddle the bike , the fob is within 1 foot of the switch. If you used a key chainr or wallet in rear pocket or side belt loop the distance would only be about 1 foot from a switch wired very close to the fob in the seated position.