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Ps3 internet cost?will i have to pay my Isp for the download and uploading of data when i play a gamd.please help Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Your PS3 is just like any other computer you have. If you have dialup connection, then yes. If you have broadband, then no. Give your ISP a call if you're unsure about what connection you have.

If you use the service the ISP is providing you pay them for that (regardless of what you use it for)


Wtker has the correct answer. You may have just received the spam on the PSN saying Sony confirmed that psn will be pay to play by christmas this year. It's a lie. They announced pay-services (like psn plus) that just offer discounts and a few other features. Your isp is 99% of the time 'unlimited' up to a certain point at which they say "cool it you are pirating too much stuff" and shut down your account for a day.