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Psp faster wifi hack Answered

My psp's wifi REALLY lags. Is there a hack (i have cfw 5 m33) to make it faster? I have tried ''netfront''  but it has no difference, and deleting the cookies,etc doesn't help either



Best Answer 6 years ago

Not like that.
But you might find out why it's not running at the speed that it should be.
What is it connecting to, at what distance, and what data is moving?


1.How do i find out the speed? The connection quality is usually 60% at around a metre away from the modem

2.it is just facebook, google and a couple of other sites (it cannot handle sites that use over 800kb of data)

3.I am usually a metre away and it still lags and is at 50% to 60% quality

What do you mean?

+1 is just a way to say "I second that." :)

Basically, lagging is not something you can "hack". You might be able to fix it, but not "hack" it. Here's the info we might need: 1. How do you know it's not the speed that it should be? Did it run faster in the past? Does it say it's supposed to be running faster? etc. 2. If it can't handle over 800kb of data, it probably means that the device itself is not meant to do what you want. You might just have to step up to an iPod touch or a cheap internet tablet. You have to remember that you get what you pay for. Generally trying to bundle everything into one device to save money isn't a good thing. 3. Do you regularly use other wireless devices on the same modem? Are they lagging as well? Have you ever used another wireless device on the same modem? Did it lag?

In reality, I don't think that anyone can give you a solution unless they know the cause.

it has been going faster before, and i could use sites with more data and over time i guess it got worse and now its annoying :'(
I have used other wifi devices (laptop, ipads, etc) and they are fast. even my ps3 is much faster with less lag event though its further away from the modem than my psp....

thanx for the info though

Based on the information provided, it sounds like you may need to clear some space on the hard drive, but other than that, I don't have enough information to give more suggestions... I don't personally own a psp, so I am just giving generic troubleshooting answers. You could try bringing it to a GameStop or similar shop and seeing if they can help. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance!

Good luck! :)

thank you veerrry much :)))) ill try fixing it.....