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Psycedelic lettering program??? Answered

I was wondering if theres a free program out there where you can enter text and then it'll make it some kind of psycedelic 70s style portrait... There MUST be something out there... But anything you think is relevent, feel free to post... Thanks...



6 years ago

A search brings up a lot of fonts that are available, but in my opinion most are lacking. In my opinion there may be no easy, lazy way out of actually drawing what you want. I wouldn't promote using psychedelic drugs to get the inspiration, but one might have to find an inspiration that works for them. Good luck, and please share what you learn, along with any art you produce.

Fonts - http://www.psychedelix.com/fonts.html
Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/
Ext - http://registry.gimp.org/node/15005

The first is the fonts, you can get those, then use gimps extension to color the text.

There are all kinds of fonts (like flower power) that come with windows - use one of those in a word processor.

www.flamingtext.com Used to be good but haven't been on it for ages. Just take care, Moderator