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Public access woodshops/classes in Boston area? Answered

Are there any public-access woodshops in the greater Boston area? I'm thinking of something like The Sawdust Shop in Sunnyvale, or The Tech Shop in Menlo Park. I've tried searching Google, but all I found were workshops associated with colleges and universities, for students only.


You should email and hang out at MITERS, the MIT electronic research society! It's not strictly a woodshop, but we do have a lathe! Come to build parties on Friday nights, MIT building N52-115 (265 Mass Ave, Cambridge, right behind the MIT Museum) for the most action.

is that still alive and kicking? I'm up here for school and would love to stop by!

Are they open to non-MIT folks? If so, I'll pass both of your suggestions on to my sister-in-law (Wellesley grad, currently an ER doc in Cambridge). Thank you very much!

It'll be different from the sawdust shop or the tech shop, because it's a student group and not a business. So it's not just a bunch of tools, it's a hangout too! Since it's a student group, there aren't a whole lot of rules about who's "allowed" or not. The entire public is always invited to build parties. You're expected to know what you're doing working at MITERS, or know when to ask at times when you don't. The whole thing is pretty free form! the best thing is to email mit-ers@mit.edu for the exact times, and check out a build party!